Portraits : Léa and Valentin

Posté le 31/03/2023

Valentin is a pastry chef for 7 seasons with us 
He is very meticulous and very inventive in his work, (PS: he sings very well of course Celine Dion )

Léa is second in the kitchen, this is her 3rd season at Pépé Nicolas but she also did a season at Le Montagnard
She is very organized and she is a sunny person ( PS : she goes wild on the dancefloor )

We asked them what was their favorite dessert and drink at Chez Pépé Nicolas :

- Valentin's favorite is the fine tart and his drink is the St Germain cocktail 

- Léa's favorite : the fresh tangerine and her drink is the Milky Strawberry cocktail