mountain pasture farm The Vallée des Belleville

Live to the rhythm of the farm animals, watch the goats and cows being milked, taste the cheese from the dairy and admire the rabbits, hens and farmyard chickens.

Sharing lots and lots of love…

Pépé Nicolas was a farmer from the Belleville valley who used to take his goats and cows up to the Chasse mountain pastures in the summer. The great-grandchildren of Suchet passionately continue the mountain farming business, with Valentin Suchet as farm manager.

The desire to share the authenticity of farming life in the heart of the summer mountains and the production of high-quality cheese products has remained unchanged over the generations.

We’re continuing the work of our great-grandfather, a mountain farmer. This tradition is part of our desire to work in an ultra-short circuit, with our restaurant and our shop, to the delight of our visitors.

An accessible place all day long

The farm is open throughout the summer. To ensure the well-being of our animals, hand-milking of the goats takes place between 3pm and 4.30pm in front of the dairy, and is reserved for customers or by prior arrangement.

Animals can be seen on the farm every day, including pigs, rabbits, trout, calves, goats and farmyard animals such as chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. Each has its own space close to the mountain chalet.

The goats graze twice a day. You can admire them in their enclosure from 11am to 3pm, and again from 6.30pm until the following day. They are also visible every day during manual milking.

The cows graze within a 2 km radius of the chalet. Depending on the season, they are located at varying distances from the alpine hut.

Take part in cleaning the goats’ yard, give the calves and goats something to drink, watch how the farmyard animals are cared for, or be charmed by the sight of pigs basking in the sun. While the goats are being milked by hand, you can enjoy our delicious home-made ice creams.

A high-altitude farm with goats, geese, chickens, pigs, rabbits and cows.

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Summer guided tours of the mountain pasture farm

Guided tours of life on the mountain pastures are available in July and August, with trained guides including Lucie and Valentin, great-grandchildren of Grandpa Nicolas. Don’t hesitate to ask about adult and children’s groups.

An exceptional panorama to delight children and adults alike.

welfare animal

At Pépé Nicolas, the well-being of our animals is essential. Our work is based on respect for the five fundamental needs of our animals:

  • No pain, injury or illness
  • No climatic or physical stress
  • Absence of hunger, thirst or malnutrition
  • Absence of fear and distress
  • Ability to express normal behaviour specific to each species

The whole team is committed: care, food, rest and lots of shared love!

For a quick reminder of the rules of good living together during your visit to Chez Pépé Nicolas farm, we’ve put together a fun and friendly charter.

Farm animals barnyard, goats and calves


At the mountain pasture farm, the goats enjoy the full attention of our experienced shepherds.

Their varied diet, unlimited access to pure water and secure shelter underline our commitment to their health and comfort. The treatments are gentle, using natural remedies. Our goats roam freely in an environment that encourages their natural development.


Our cows enjoy a space of fresh grass just for them, as well as unlimited specific feed and water. We respect their natural needs and provide attentive care, favouring natural treatments wherever possible.


Our young calves are sheltered in a shaded, straw-covered area that protects them from the vagaries of the weather. They can discover socialisation, both with their peers and with humans.


In a carefully designed environment, our pigs enjoy freedom in harmony with health standards.

They have comfortable shelter and unlimited access to water from our spring to quench their thirst. A muddy pond gives them a chance to clean up and play their favourite games.


Our poultry have access to a pond, as well as dedicated cages for injured animals, in compliance with health standards. Each evening, gallinaceans and palmipeds have separate straw-bedded areas. We provide a secure environment, safe from predators, with separate egg-laying areas and shaded areas. We guarantee a balanced diet, without overfeeding, for the optimum well-being of our poultry.


On our estate, the rabbits enjoy the peace and quiet of a secure area. To ward off any nocturnal threats, they are snuggled up in a refuge from predators.

They eat the leaves and stems of vegetables that humans don’t eat. It also promotes zero waste and composting!

Psychological comfort is just as important. The rabbits have plenty of places to hide and retreat as they please, so they can relax in peace.

Finally, hygiene is a must. The cages are kept impeccable, preserving the animals’ natural smell and ensuring a healthy environment that respects their well-being.

Our team is constantly vigilant, present on the mountain pastures day and night.

From dawn, at four o’clock in the morning, we share special moments with our alpine companions.

Animals never cease to amaze us with their shrewdness, their daily routines, their playful and mischievous nature, their prodigious memory, and many other remarkable qualities. We therefore solemnly undertake to honour them and ensure that they flourish to the full in our mountain pastures.

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