The dairy and the cheese dairy mountain savoyard

Repeat the noble gestures handed down from generation to generation: milking, making, refining and waiting. Giving our cheeses time to mature, caring for them and keeping an eye on them, our Belleville and goat’s raclette cheeses, and smelling good home-made Savoyard cheese.

production Cheese

All the dairy products from our farm are completely natural, with no preservatives. They are made entirely on site, in the cheese dairy run by our cheesemaker, Judicaël. Our cheeses are then stored in our maturing cellar, beneath the dairy, at an altitude of 2,000 metres.

We invite you to discover the art of cheese-making through our exclusive guided tours. You can also try our cheese products in the restaurant or in the Chez Pépé Nicolas shop.

From earth to plate!

Don't hesitate to contact us for a guided tour, tasting session or special order.

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Products farm

Discover our exquisite selection of Meule des Belleville, Tommes de chèvre et de vache, Chèvre frais affiné et sublimé par un cœur de myrtille, raclette de chèvre, and Sérac de vache et de chèvre.

And during the summer, let yourself be seduced by our Tartinades – a refined way to enjoy the authenticity of our cheeses. To be enjoyed without moderation in our shop or restaurant.

To be enjoyed without moderation in our shop or restaurant.

Unforgettable moments on the farm

Discover unforgettable moments on the farm, by reservation all summer long.

  • Milking goats: a spectacle to behold at around 3pm.
  • Mechanised milking of cows: an impressive demonstration, every day at 10am and 3pm.
  • Bottle-feeding goats and young calves: a touching experience at around 4pm.

Take the time to listen and tell the story, receiving, speaking from the heart, passing on values, and start again...

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