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Find the rare pearl, the handmade, local and original surprise. Treat yourself and others with a colourful, delicate and delicious gift.

Jam, sculpture, sheepskins, candles, soap, cheese… Stock up on memories of our mountains…

Gift shop et pépites locavores

We are delighted to welcome you to the Chez Pépé Nicolas boutique every day, summer and winter. Marie-France and Marjorie welcome you in summer, and Lucile and Perrine are there for you in winter.

Indulge yourself with local delicatessen products and gourmet cheeses from our mountain pastures: Meule des Belleville, raclette made from goat’s milk from our mountain pastures, as well as raw milk and homemade yoghurts.

The shop also offers a selection of delicate locavore products in the fields of decoration, arts and crafts, cosmetics, jewellery, crockery, accessories, clothing, etc., to help you find original and rare travel gifts.

The shop is open every day from 10am to 5pm, and on Thursday and Friday evenings from 7pm to 9.30pm.

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Chez Pépé Nicolas - Boutique 16
Chez Pépé Nicolas - Boutique 7

Local products and decorations

A range of authentic Savoie products can be found both in the restaurant’s dishes and in the shop, including handmade pasta from Chiron in Chambéry, jams from Ferme Savoyarde in Chamousset, crozets from La Maison Rullier in Bourg Saint Maurice, handmade candles from Sentier des Alpes in Chambéry, not forgetting the famous Opinel knives from Cognin.

As for decoration, a range of refined objects and rare local gems are on display, including Arpin plaids, cow sculptures by the artist Carolo, Topographic glasses with a mountain relief background by Alaskan Maker, Joe Sayegh wooden plates, and champagne buckets with cow skins by Sculpteurs du lac, to brighten up any living room.

Welcome home for a unique journey!

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