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Posté le 12/11/2022

In the middle of the week, we propose you a discovery of our job of alpagist.
We have been practicing it since the 50's in family.
This will be an opportunity for you to discover the history of our family and to meet the great-grandchildren of Nicolas JAY, a true precursor of the ski resorts in the Belleville valley.

Discover our mountain pasture at nightfall: from Tuesday 20 December 2022 to Tuesday 18 April 2023.


Meet at the parking lot of La Chasse, near the little hut, Chez Pépé Nicolas.

In the company of Lucie, Nicolas Jay's great-granddaughter, you will discover our mountain pasture by the light of a torch.
She will show you the trees, the pasture, the cellar, the fishpond, the pond and the vegetable garden.
Lucie will tell you about our family history.
During the visit, you will walk about 1km, on packed snow.
The visit will end with a glass of friendship and a cheese tasting.
Depending on the weather, please bring appropriate clothing and shoes.

Visit and taste our cheeses with Valentin, alpagist of Chez Pépé Nicolas: from Wednesday December 21, 2022 to Wednesday April 19, 2023.

Meet in front of the Chez Pépé Nicolas store.

Valentin, head of the farm during the summer season, will welcome you at the Arbé (a former chalet).
He will tell you how his mountain pasture works, what life is like with his animals, and the history of Nicolas Jay's family.
The visit will end with a tasting of his cheeses and two Savoy wines.

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