The restaurant

Chez Pépé Nicolas has a menu with traditional, mountain specialities for you to enjoy every lunchtime and evening (except Sunday and Monday evening) and desserts that you will find nowhere else such as  farçons and rissoles, traditional Belleville desserts with apple purée, dried fruits, spice bread and fritter, or a tarte Monfiot, a wild blueberry tart topped with crème brûlée.

Our specialities include raclette, wild garlic infused raclette, Beaufort fondue etc


We will offer you a menu of mountain wines mainly from Savoie: Prieuré Saint Christophe, Domaine Quesnard, Domaine Saint Germain, Mondeuse, Apremont, Chignin, Chignin Bergeron etc

We also have a selection of wines from some of the great French vineyards.


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