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milking Val Thorens cows
horses Val Thorens
goat on roof Val Thorens
Val Thorens rabbit
little goat in Val Thorens
lamb on the shoulders Val Thorens
pig in Val Thorens
lamb in Val Thorens
restaurant cheese
Val Thorens goose
goat Val Thorens
Val Thorens cow
Val Thorens goat
Val Thorens Alp

Life in the pastures of Chez Pépé Nicolas restaurant

In summer, the Val Thorens restaurant welcomes alpine animals for the joy of young and old alike. Lunch in the middle of the farm animals is an entirely different experience compared to winter!

The alpine life is rooted in the history of the Suchet family for several generations. Pepe Nicolas rode cows and goats every summer in his little shed, now a mountain restaurant. Eric, Thierry and Bruno, grandchildren helped the grandfather, with milking and cheese making. As worthy heirs, today with the great grandchildren of Pepe Nicolas, they perpetuated the gestures and customs through a teaching farm, open every summer.

The alp of the restaurant Chez Pépé Nicolas is to participate in the milking of goats and cows, take a nap in the middle of ducks, geese and chickens, and caress the rabbits in their enclosure.