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deli at the restaurant
dish served on the terrace
bread of restaurant
dessert at Val Thorens restaurant

The traditional and gastronomic dishes of Val Thorens restaurant

The Chez Pépé Nicolas team produces original recipes made with local products from local producers of quality. Our menu includes both traditional dishes from our alpine mountains and both original, modern and atypical gastronomic dishes.

For lovers of traditional Savoyard gastronomy, a tasting of cheese-based dishes is essential: La Savoie is the capital of cheese, known for its raclette, tartiflette and fondue. We offer a Savoyard cheese fondue with Beaufort cheese from the Moutiers cooperative as well as a tartiflette and croziflette with Reblochon de Savoie and smoked diced bacon.

Let yourself also be surprised by our original, refined, authentic suggestions, with different interpretations of Savoie gastronomy, free culinary creations for the pleasure of the eyes and the palate! The conflicting lamb with parmentier and Jerusalem artichoke puree, the beef filet with onions confit with beer, the trout of our rivers with roasted parsnip and polenta with herbs, or the risotto with morels and Beaufort d'alpage are part of our bestsellers dishes.

For gourmands sensitive to sweet sweets, chef Martial Vuillemin offers different desserts as attractive and promising as each other: shortbread with blueberries, vanilla bourbon ice cream, crispy sphere all chocolate with its candied clementine, chartreuse baba with pears with mascarpone cream, with rissoles with saffron cream, caramel rice with salted butter and five walnut nougatine.