Taste a trout from our mountain fishpond

Posté le 27/01/2023

Every lunchtime and evening in the restaurant you will find our mountain trout, Farios or Rainbow, served whole and accompanied by a pan-fried almond, Mitraille potatoes and butternut confit with honey !

And as you will have understood, at Pépé Nicolas we are keen to offer you products from the shortest possible circuit for tasting.
So what could be better than a trout from our pond, caught every morning by us.

Since this winter we have decided to have our own fish, to guarantee you the greatest freshness in your plate !
We use the "Ikejime" method, which is a Japanese technique that consists in quickly neutralizing the nervous system of the animal when it comes out of the water, so that it does not suffer.

Our trout come from the MOREL fish farm, located only a few kilometres from Lake Annecy.
Jérôme and Maeva Morel are a young couple who have chosen to produce fish of the highest possible quality.
Their fish are produced in very pure spring water, and raised with the highest quality feed available in aquaculture, containing only fishmeal and micro shrimp caught at sea as well as fish oil. This feed guarantees an exceptional quality of flesh and an incomparable taste, to be found in your plates at Chez Pépé Nicolas !