Portrait of a craftsman : Meet our cabinetmaker Jean Paul Gourgand

Posté le 20/10/2022

Jean Paul Gourgand's passion for woodworking and the meeting with the Suchet family was a revelation in the creation of the unique atmosphere of Chez Pépé Nicolas. 

Both parties have a real desire to make quality handcrafted pieces, which fit perfectly into the world of the mountain chalet and which will stand the test of time.
From a simple planter, through the realization of small wooden chalets and terraces, Jean Paul takes up this challenge with brio.

  • It is in 2017 that he begins the work of our workshop as well as various repair work. The dressing of the Arbé and the manufacture of our sleds.
  • In 2018: it is himself who will make our henhouse, as well as the layout of our famous cheese cellar, without forgetting the realization of our toilets and of course various works and repairs around the wood.
  • In 2019 : he will make our ski racks, our fondue dishes, our tables and parasols for the terrace...
  • In 2020 we will meet Jean Paul again for many works around our terraces, doors, chalets and other wooden constructions.
  • In 2021, among his achievements, we can mention our parasol displays, our barrel tables, the shelves of our store and many others...

His workshop, which smells like wood and which he built himself, is now located next to the Cabounet.
In short, you will have understood that Jean Paul is in charge of most of what you will find in wood at Pépé Nicolas, but also in our restaurant le Montagnard.

Just keep your eyes open the next time you come to admire his creations, thank you Jean Paul!